Thursday, 21 May 2015

The RouteShoot Platform Gets a Design Refresh

Frequent users may have noticed that the RouteShoot platform got a bit of a facelift recently. We originally went with the tried and true 'numbers in a line' layout in the main header, consisting of Speed, Elevation, Time and Distance.

However, we felt there was a certain lack of joy in the design of the old layout. There wasn’t necessarily anything wrong with it, but it didn't make make us feel pleased when we looked at it.

The rework began, the desire being to make the captured data a little more...shall we say...aesthetically pleasing, aswell as offering more information!

In doing so we replaced the Speed, Elevation, Time and Distance numbers with dials and summarised a display of captured statistics including:
  • Video Title
  • Location Address
  • Long/Lat Coordinates
  • Time & Date Stamp
As a result of the changes, the information captured is now available in an instant snap shot!

While we’re always making incremental improvements to the site, it’s nice to give things an overhaul now and then when they fall behind. Even something as straightforward as a design refresh can have many areas ripe for improvement when you focus on what really matters.

Check back with us in the coming weeks and months to see what else we send to the cutting room floor.

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